90-Minute Breakthrough Session

90-Minute Breakthrough Session


In this 90-Minute Session, we'll uncover the roots of your most persistent and painful struggles with health, food, and your body. And we'll create a personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan for profound and sustainable transformation.

Your nutritional approach and self care practices will be rooted in your values, aligned with your desires, and in service of the bigger intentions that you have for your life. If you are inundated and drowning in information about what you “should” be doing for optimal health, but struggling to make it happen, then let's clear the noise and connect back to the heart & soul of it all.

What you’ll receive:

  • A 90-Minute in-depth Whole Woman Assessment to ensure that the plan we create together is right for your unique mind-body constitution

  • A personalized, comprehensive wellness plan with recommendations, recipes, and self care practices

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