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Jessie Kuehn is a Transformational Leadership Coach and Business Mentor, helping service providers get more visible, craft clear messaging, and heal outdated patterns in order to create a fulfilling life while making a meaningful impact in the world (without burnout, fatigue, and overwhelm).  

Over the last 15 years, Jessie has studied and taught personal transformation and women's leadership. Her holistic approach to success in life and business integrates ancient spirituality, healing & embodiment practices with modern psychology and intentional strategy.  

After graduating with a Bachelors of Science in Medical Anthropology with a focus on Shamanism from the University of Wisconsin, Jessie received additional certifications as a Transformational Coach, Master Nutrition Therapist, Massage Therapist, and Yoga Teacher. She also has advanced trainings in online business and feminine leadership. Jessie loves to help soulful women own their value, get visible in their gifts, and create a meaningful contribution by turning their personal journey into a powerful platform for impact and service.

In her free time, Jessie is on her yoga mat, whipping up healthy creations in her kitchen, or enjoying the Montana wilderness with her man and two dogs.


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  • A 6-Step Process to turn your personal journey into the powerful platform for impact + service

  • The 6 Feminine Principles for Magnetic Leadership and Sustainable Success in your Business

  • Why nothing is working in your business - services aren’t selling and people aren’t buying (and what to do next…)

  • Why you still feel unseen in your business and how to get visible from the inside out.

  • What to do if you’re feeling unfulfilled in your life or business

  • How to claim your worth, own your value, and start making sales in your business.

  • Why you still don’t feel abundant, despite all of the money mindset work you’ve done.

  • Where are you secretly blocking your own success and how you can shift these invisible patterns to create a breakthrough

  • How to craft magnetic messaging and get clear on your niche

  • 5 Mindset shifts to stop feeling like a fraud and start leading with confidence


Free Audio Training: 5 Steps to Create a Fulfilling + Client-Attracting Business in 90 Days

In this free audio training, I'll walk you through the 5-pillars you need to create a fulfilling and client-attracting business in 90 days.

#1: Uncover the essential first step to creating alignment, freedom, and sustainable success in your business.

#2: Discover how to get crystal clear on your unique magic and magnetic messaging that will position you as a go-to expert in your field and create connection and trust with your ideal clients

#3: Understand the 3 essentials for creating irresistible offers that get your clients amazing results, sell like hotcakes, and feel exciting to offer.

#4: Learn the #1 key to consistently attract clients and create cash flow fast in your business and discover the exact daily tasks you need to be doing to make it happen.

#5: Find out how to curate a customer experience that provides incredible results for your clients, creates raving fans, and allows your business to grow organically through referrals

Free Workbook: Narrow Your Niche + Craft A Clear Message

In this workbook I'll walk you through my signature process to help you get crystal clear on your magnetic brand message in order to create a fulfilling and client-attracting business.

This is the often-overlooked, but all important foundation for alignment and flow. When you are crystal clear on your core message, your business will magnetize your dream clients without push, force, and struggle - your tribe will find you.

You'll feel confident, inspired and moved to share your message with the masses as you anchor into the deep source of power within your personal journey. And you'll know exactly how to communicate your unique value to the world.

Free Guide: Turn Chaos to Clarity with this Map to Embodied Success


I'll share my step-by-step process for feeling into your desires, generating a compelling vision that draws you forward into inspired action, and crystalizing an intention for the next 90 days.


Eliminate overwhelm and create feminine focus with this daily practice for soulful and sustainable success.


The opposite of ritual is habitual. This is the default mode through which many of us live our lives. When we engage in a ritual, there is intention and presence in the moment. We move forward in integrity.

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