The 6 Pillars of Magnetic Leadership

The Soulful Woman's Roadmap To Transform Your Inner World As You Expand Into Purpose, Service + Impact

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    You have a deep-rooted desire to create meaningful, lasting change, both in yourself and in the world.

    And yet, something’s been holding you back. And it’s not a lack of well-laid plans, seductive strategies, or inspired ideas…

    Trust me, for years I…

    • Was seen as a confident, strong woman to others, but haunted inside by the painful yearning to be more of the woman I sensed within.

    • Got the education, read all the books, did the therapy, and took the business courses only to find myself stuck on autopilot, repeating the same patterns and behaviors year after year.

    • Doubted my value and worth, felt insecure in my skin, and was afraid of being seen.

    • Felt the pull of something greater, and yet struggled to get clear on my unique purpose, genius, and calling.

    • And felt like life was passing me by as I attempted to plan and strategize my perfect way forward.

    But what I’ve learned from my own path of transformation and leadership and in helping women from all over the world to create a life and legacy by their own design is that…

    A woman who is at home in herself, honoring her worth, and living her values is magnetic. And from a place of connection to our power, illuminating from the inside out, we can truly show up to our life and leadership in a meaningful, world-changing way.

    This guide will show you the six pillars to step into magnetic leadership and create a world-changing impact, from the inside out.

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    Hey, I’m Jessie! Certified Transformational Coach

    I help ambitious women who are stuck playing small and hiding out to show up as the brilliant woman they were born to be in order to make a meaningful and lasting impact in the world with their unique gifts. With over 15 years of experience in positive psychology, integrative health, transformational coaching, spirituality and leadership, I offer a holistic approach that encompasses the whole person.


    Become the woman + leader you sense within.

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