Why Self Care and Nourishment are the Keys for Client Attraction in Your Soul-Aligned Business


There are so many invisible and unseen and subtle factors that have an undeniable influence on our ability to attract success and abundance with ease.

One pattern that I see time and time again, is when myself and my clients take the time and space to truly nourish and replenish themselves, they experience business breakthroughs without the burnout, incessant striving, and push and force.


I’ve identified 6 invisible factors that powerfully shape our ability to manifest – all profoundly impacted by self-care and nourishment

1) Connection – when we aren’t deeply connected with self, it’s impossible to create deep connections with others. And a successful heart-centered business requires this all-important aspect of connection. When we abandon the seat of self, caught up in the endless dramas and activity of the monkey mind, we block our ability to create deep, meaningful connection with others. When we take the time and space to nourish, fill up, and connect with self, our business naturally becomes an expression of generosity, love and fullness. And that makes everyone feel good.

2) Presence – Self Care and Nourishment are powerful entry points for rooting, grounding, and getting present in the here and the now. This element of presence is the core of a magnetic business. I know you’ve felt it before – the draw to a leader who is truly in her essence, leading through loving presence, walking her talk and radiating her truth through her way of being in the world. It’s subtle, yet oh so compelling and attractive. For our business to thrive, it must be a reflection and extension of our soul essence. And for that to happen, we need to take the time and space to nourish our soul essence with good food and earth medicine, slow sensual bathing and beauty rituals, time in nature, movement, and silent stillness. When we are grounded in the body, present in the here and now, we have access to our true power and potential. So drop out of your head and come home to your body.

3) Manifestation- Nourishment and Self Care allow us to create the congruent conditions to drop into the feeling-tone of our vision without needing to manipulate or control our external environment. This is one of the most powerful steps in manifestation and the law of attraction. Underneath all of our dreams and goals is a deeper desire to feel a certain way. When we allow ourselves to access this feeling state through self-care and nourishment rather than relying on external conditions to shift and change, then we become congruent with the energy of our vision. We call in that which we are seeking by creating the feeling of having that which we seek in our inner experience.

4) Openness– when we are burnt out and depleted, we may experience unconscious blocks to attracting more clients as a form of self-protection and self-preservation. We may believe we want more clients, but our unconscious mind can sabotage even the best of our mind-generated goals and intentions. In order to be fully open to receiving more client flow, we need to feel energetically open to it. So take the time to truly replenish and nourish yourself. We can open the heart space with yoga and movement in nature, ground the energy with mindful pure nourishment, and clear the heart-mind with meditation. When we take time to fill up, we can give of our surplus and not of our sustenance. We allow our nervous system to relax and our energetic boundaries to come down - feeling safe and supported from within.

5) Creativity and intuition – this is the lifeblood of your business. When you feel blah in your body, creativity wanes and you don’t have the juice required to create aligned content and show up with inspired solutions for clients. When we are up in the headspace our desire to control and manipulate can really hinder our ability to tap into unbridled creativity. Self care and nourishment allow us to drop back into the body and act as an open vessel for source. When we are anchored in the body, we are open to the various avenues for intuitive insight. Movement like dance, yoga, jogging, hiking, and skiing and prana-rich foods all awaken shakti, the divinely feminine force of creation within.

6) The Root Chakra – Nourishment, Movement, and Stillness are essential self-care practices for the health of the root chakra. The root chakra governs our ability to manifest, experience abundance, and lead with presence. When our root chakra is balanced, we feel a connection to our purpose in life and a strong sense of self. We are anchored into our right to be here, to take up space in the world, to be visible and to be seen.

When we come from this place of deep inner congruency, connection, presence, openness, and creativity we are able to spread our message out in the world in a way that feels pure and authentic. If we neglect to nourish ourselves deeply, to rest, and replenish, then we won’t have the basic energy to carry out the actions of the will. Life becomes dry, lacking in pleasure, play, and delight, and then eventually we burn out completely. And what fun is following your dreams and creating a soul-aligned business if you burn yourself out in the process?

Everything, and I mean everything, is interrelated. If you are efforting, pushing and forcing your way in business without results, then take a beat. Come back home to self with nourishment and Divine Self care.

Here are some powerful Self Care and Nourishment Practices to Open the Doorway to Abundance in your business:

1) Enjoy meals with your body, mind, and soul. Come home to your body, connect with how you feel, and drop into the here and now.

2) Journal on the ways that you are depriving yourself of true nourishment and self-care. Is there a lingering belief that you aren’t worthy of the time, love, and space? You are worthy. Of bliss, of abundance, of receiving, and of taking up space in this gigantic magical world that’s waiting for you to take a big inhale and step fully into your power and light.

3) Soften and allow yourself to receive one truly loving act of self-care each day. It could be a slow, sensual yoga class, a silent sit in heart-connection, a gentle walk in nature, or reading poetry wrapped in your coziest blanket with a cup of your favorite tea.

4) Reflect: Are you comfortable opening to receive? If you are feeling a lack of abundance in your life, whether that be with money, clients, love, joy, _______ , then open to receive. We can’t accept an offering with a fist clenched tightly shut. In order to receive abundance and nourishment, we need to relax into the experience with an open heart and mind. Ever heard the saying, “How we do one thing in life is how we do everything?” If you’re not energetically open to deep soul sustenance, then you likely also have blocks up to receiving adoration, visibility, abundance, client flow, and more. By being fully open to receiving self-care and nourishment, you also start to reinforce this energetic state in other areas: your finances, your relationships, your business, inviting in more joy and play, etc. Allow life to fill you up by opening to receive.

Taking the time to slow down, nourish the body and spirit, and really get present and connected in the body can create massive business flow where things begin to work without doing anything different in your business. Yes of course you’ll also need the systems and structures in place in your business that will help you give generously to your tribe and spread the message you are here to share. But first we begin within. The animating life force of your business is not the marketing structures; it’s this inner connection and presence.