The Sneaky Thief of Fulfilling Work, Vitality & Joy - And How to Ditch Black and White Thinking and Embrace The Middle Way

The Sneaky Thief of Fulfilling Work, Vitality & Joy - And How to Ditch Black and White Thinking and Embrace The Middle Way

The tireless and fruitless pursuit for perfection is a pattern that shows up in every area of life from business to relationships to health.  And if I was to pinpoint the top factor that holds my clients back from truly leading in the world in the way that sets their heart on fire, it’s perfection.

The search for the perfect business, perfect relationship, perfect body, perfect diet, perfect marketing strategy, perfect morning routine, the perfect YOU NAME IT, is an illusory and dead-end pattern that always, always, always leads to a feeling of failure, unworthiness, and “not quite good enough”.  Perfectionism is a major root of stuckness and stagnation.  And, if we don’t pay attention, we’ll put perfection so high up on a pedestal that the quest will begin to rob us of our vitality and joy, leading only to apathy, depression, exhaustion, and burnout.

We’ve been trained culturally to believe that the quest for perfection is virtuous.  How many times have you heard someone proudly announce that they are a self-professed perfectionist and wear it like a badge of honor.

With perfectionism, there is no middle way.  It’s either perfect or not.  So as with all things, we need to create right relationship to success and performance.  Yes, set the bar high. Yes, do your very best in each moment.  Act in integrity and challenge yourself to grow.

Perfectionism is a construct created by the mind.  So if perfection is coming up, then take some actions to get embodied.  Do yoga, eat a meal slowly, get out into nature and soak it all in with your senses. When your mind starts running the show, deciding on the parameters that must be met in order to feel good enough, drop in dear one.  Slow down and tune in.  In order to evolve beyond our perfection-seeking patterns we must tune into body wisdom and intuition and respond.

If you’re looking for perfection in all the wrong places (your business, your body, your diet, your health, your relationship), then it’s a sure sign that you’re disconnected from the Divine.  When we’re disconnected from source, we begin to “play God” in our own lives.  Perfectionism becomes a symbolic substitute for all that is.

Surrender into Love and Trust that everything is unfolding in an imperfectly perfect way.  You don’t need to be perfect to be good enough.  You don’t need to be perfect in order to experience your wholeness.

You are enough.  You are whole already.  When you show up with love and empty presence, without a need to be, do, or say anything “perfectly”, you allow the perfection of the Divine to shine through.