A Simple And Soulful Practice to Start Embracing Your Feminine Energy In Your Business And Life

A Simple And Soulful Practice to Start Embracing Your Feminine Energy In Your Business And Life

I learned the powerful lesson of balancing lunar and solar energies for internal harmony, enduring vitality, and health in my own life after years of repeating the same pattern. Each spring, I would come alive with energy and life force. I would exploit this new found energy by enhancing it with stimulants like coffee, while overexerting and extending myself and nourishing myself less. After a summer of sunshine, tons of physical activity, extroversion, multitasking, meal skipping, skimping on sleep, lots of coffee, and a pace too rapid to maintain, I would crash at the first signs of fall. I learned firsthand that what goes up must come down.   Yet for years I resisted this realization and would survive through the fall and winter months just awaiting the new breath of spring. Instead of being a beautifully introspective time, fall and winter became a battlefield of depression, fatigue, and overeating. I was depleting my lunar reserves during the summer months without any attention to meditation, rest, and silence. Then I would respond to the experience of feeling totally exhausted and depleted by overeating or self soothing with too much TV. I was doing my best to try and self medicate or self soothe, but the quick fixes I was reaching for weren’t addressing the deep depletion of lunar or feminine energy that had been created during the warmer months.

I wasn’t aware that what I really needed was to boost and replenish this lunar energy so that I could experience wellbeing and success without burnout.

For truly fulfilling and sustainable wellbeing and success, we need the energies of the divine feminine and the sacred masculine to be working in balance as an orchestrated pair. When we neglect the energy of the Divine Feminine, we burn ourselves out, but without integrating the sacred masculine we can become completely stagnant and incapable of bringing our inspired ideas into manifestation.

Ida, Yin, Feminine, and Lunar are all ways of categorizing one branch of energy. Both men and women have this energy. This lunar energy, when balanced is loving, caring, compassionate, intuitive, inspirational, nurturing, devotional, and grounded. Lunar energy corresponds to our inner soul. It calms the mind and increases our experience of serenity. It is restorative and magnetic. This energy is dominant from the time of the new moon to the full moon.

Pingala, Yang, Masculine, and Solar are all ways of describing an energy that is motivational, ambitious, willful, and manifesting.

Respecting Nature's Cycles

Just as nature’s active yang season of growth is followed by a yin season of dormancy and hibernation, we also experience the same energetic ebbs and flows. It’s important to respect and honor these cycles that repeat themselves every 24 hours with day and night, each month with the lunar cycles, each season, each year, and across the span of our lives. If we surrender to the flow of nature, we are able to find ease and balance. Otherwise, we get stuck in exhausting patterns of striving and efforting that always feels like we are swimming upstream because we are attempting to impose our will on a force much greater than we can conceive of with our minds.

So Where Does One Begin to Embrace Their Feminine Energy?

As much as possible start to become more familiar with the patterns of your natural world. Get outside during the day and take a stroll beneath the moonlight at night. Enjoy the outdoors during every season and observe what is happening in the natural world around you. The more aware of your natural surroundings and rhythms that you become, the more you will realize that you are in a conversation with the natural world. Your internal world is deeply impacted by the greater experience that you are a part of.

Observing the cycles of the moon is a great place to begin. The Lunar cycle influences the tides, women’s monthly cycles, human emotions, and physical activities. For this reason, the new moon is a wonderful time to begin new endeavors and create new intentions, while the full moon is a great time to get clear on what you are committing to let go of and release.

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