Are You Struggling to Get Clear On Your Intention?


You know you need a vision, right?  But right now you just feel confused and lacking the clarity to move forward.  Even the next baby step feels uncertain, and you’re left either stuck in inaction or spinning your wheels in aimless action.

The majority of systems for transformation begin with getting clear on your vision for your body, for your life, for your business, for your relationship, or for whatever area you are trying to manifest in.  And then from that vision, we create a clear intention.

Unfortunately, too many of us are trying to create a vision from the mind, rather than generating a vision from feeling into the desires and yearnings in our body.  And we keep bumping into the limitations of the mind- stuck in a small box of our own making.

When we create a vision from the mind, it’s often influenced by external ideas of what we should be doing, what would look good, or what seems logical.  And often when we create from this place, we may ultimately end up realizing that we aren’t actually aligned with that which we have created.  We end up feeling disappointed, unfulfilled, lost, and exhausted.  When we haven’t dropped into the body and surrendered to being first, then our goals and intentions tend to come from a place of needing to achieve in order to prove our worthiness to both ourselves and others.

The old masculine paradigm for success begins with having a goal, and creating a step-by-step plan to make it happen.  But what happens when there’s no clear path to that which we desire?  Say, manifesting a loving and passionate relationship, or creating work in the world that’s fully aligned with one’s soul calling, or even creating an offering that will impact the world in a meaningful way.  Many times we can feel these yearnings- these possibilities-even before our mind can conceive of what it exactly looks like or how to make it happen.

While the masculine model for manifesting and “making shit happen” begins with the mind, women initiate powerful manifestation processes from the wisdom and power of the body.  As women, our power in manifesting requires us to be deeply connected, fully inhabiting, and in strong communication and relatedness with body wisdom.  From this place we can really feel into our desires, our yearnings and generate a vision and a guiding intention.


Many, many women have chronic patterns of body abandonment that keep them searching outside of themselves for the answers, trying to fix and figure things out from the mind, and checking out of the body with overeating, technology, and multitasking.  So, first and foremost, we need to develop the skills and patterns of dropping in, embodying, and tuning into the quiet whispers of body wisdom if we are really wanting to get clear on our deepest desires and yearnings and generate a life in alignment with our soul calling.

While the masculine is goal-driven, the feminine is tension-driven.  When we’re present and in the body, we’re feeling the yearning AND we’re available and present to feel the agony of resisting our soul's calling and evolution.  As tension-driven manifestors, feeling the discomfort and the yearning in their full magnitude is a powerful, powerful force for creation.  If we respond to the discomfort by checking out with overeating, overworking, and overdoing, then we ultimately kink the hose to our power - disconnected from both desire and discomfort.  We need to say yes to truly feeling both, staying present in the experience of the disappointment and in the desire.

Furthermore if we are depleted, exhausted or burnt out from ambitious, goal-driven, logical and linear models for success, then oftentimes, our desires are more reflective of our needs for rest, rejuvenation, and replenishment than actually representing the fullness of our potential.  We can create escape fantasies of sorts that don’t support us in living into our fullest potential and making the impact we were meant to make.  They’re more self-gratifying and less service-oriented.

This is why my work with clients always begins with clearing away the noise in the body with a tailored healing program, nourishing aliveness with adrenal-healing foods and herbs, and removing any blocks that are in the way of truly claiming your right to be here, to have your needs and desires met, and to take up space in the world.  This all begins by balancing and activating the root chakra.

A strong, balanced root chakra allows us to drop in and stay present in the body rather than self-abandoning and checking out; to tune into the whispers of body wisdom rather than drowning them out by searching everywhere outside for the answers, or shutting down the faculties of intuition and inner knowing by trying to control, fix, and figure it all out from the mind.

The root chakra is the earth element - it’s our foundation, our roots, our ground.  From this center, we have trust in the overall goodness of life, we feel safe, secure, and stable,

If we haven’t shifted into a pattern of truly agreeing to be here, then any stand that we take for our life and for the realization of our greatest potentials will lack a solid ground, a solid foundation of rootedness.  Like a tree without roots, the moment a strong wind comes, instead of standing our ground and staying on course, we’ll be blown in whatever way the wind is moving that day.

Without a strong root chakra, we can be disconnected from the body, lack trust, have issues with boundaries, experience financial difficulties, feel fearful, restless or anxious, or lack the focus and discipline to truly manifest anything in our lives.  We may feel chronically tired and sluggish or fear change and risk.

So before getting clear on the vision or the intention, our first step is in dropping in, reestablishing a receptive and nourishing relationship with the body, cultivating trust in self, and getting intimate with the whispers of desire.

From this place of dropping in, tuning in, and making space for deep connection, aliveness, desire, and passion flow freely.  In giving ourselves permission to be in the body, we are able to generate aligned action to powerfully create the vision for our life.

So this week, I invite you to drop into the body, cultivate your roots, your ground, your foundation, and tune into the whisperings that come from within.


  1. Take long daily walks in nature

  2. Eat regular, balanced soulful meals guided by body wisdom. Truly surrender into the experience of nourishment - feeling supported and nurtured by the earth, immersed in abundance, and safe to be here and receive.

  3. Establish regular hours for sleep that are in harmony with nature’s rhythms

  4. Take long, hot epsom salt baths

  5. Practice self massage with grounding essential oils like sandalwood, myrrh, Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, Cedarwood, Juniper, Vetiver, Cinnamon, Ginger, Cypress, Clove, and Carrot Seed - even just a foot massage will do wonders to help you ground!

  6. Make time for deep listening and receptivity - sit silently every day, allowing yourself to surrender fully into your hips and heart and feel deeply into the aliveness within.

  7. Bring the color red into your wardrobe and surroundings

  8. Enjoy root vegetables

  9. Practice yoga - focusing on grounding through the feet and allowing the flow of energy to rise up through the knees, pelvis, and spine.