3 Ways to Set Yourself Up for Success


Before creating an intention and a plan to bring it into fruition, it's important to slow down, drop in, feel into desire, and create space for your intentions. It’s important that we honor all of the seasons of our creative process and respect the pauses as much as the bursts of momentum and action. If you’ve downloaded my 90-Day Success Blueprint (which I highly recommend), you may want to spend time lingering over the first three steps instead of launching into action - reestablishing a connection with the body and heart, feeling into desire and establishing right aim and clear intent from this place of deep knowing and receptivity. And finally, take the time to clear and create space for the intentions you’re calling in!


I wrote a blog on why dropping into the body, first and foremost, is so important, and it’s filled with easy practices you can start incorporating into your life right away. You can read it here.


Desire is not a dirty word.  Desire is the energy of attraction, and the fuel for action. It is essential to our spiritual evolution and upward growth.  Through desire, we create more love, joy, and vitality.

Maybe you have disowned your desires for so long that you don’t even know what they are anymore.  Perhaps, you’ve funneled all of your energy into service of your family for years and you’ve lost sight of what it is that you really want for yourself. If this is you and you feel completely unclear about what it is that really lights you up, that’s OK. Sometimes it just takes some time to emerge.  I see women feeling blocked or stuck in areas of their life because they have suppressed what they long and desire for.  Many times, when we get back in touch with the burning feeling of desire within, we ignite our life force and our personal power that has been latent for so long.  Desire, passion, and pleasure provide the dynamic energy for transformation.

Take some time to feel into the desires in each area of your life before settling on an intention.  Make a list of everything you desire in the different areas of your life – every little thing, even if it feels so silly to write down on paper.  Give yourself permission to feel desire without judging it or yourself as worthy or not.

Desires fuel and drive intentions. An intentions is a desire that you are determined to achieve. By taking time to drop in and feel into desire, this will ensure that the intention you create is the intention that resonates most deeply in your heart and soul.  A resolution that you are ready and willing to achieve regardless of the fear and resistance that arise on the way. Feel into your desires and the intention will come.


This is also a beautiful time to clear out and create space for that which you will be calling in.

Have you ever sat down to work in an office with papers and clutter everywhere, only to find yourself unable to concentrate or generate creative ideas?  Or set out to make dinner with dirty counters and a sink full of dishes, only to find yourself completely uninspired?

When we are forging ahead to manifest or transform something in our lives, it's important that we begin with a space that is congruent with the intention we are calling in.  We can’t expect to step into a new way of being in the world without first creating the space that is supportive of this new potential.


Cleanse the Body + Mind

I’m not talking about a rigid and structured 30-day cleanse here. Instead just hold the intention of cleansing the body + mind.

  • Take some time to sit in the sauna after going to the gym

  • Take long walks outside in nature and fresh air

  • Greet the day with warm lemon water

  • Fit in a 30 minute yoga session mid-day (check out yogaglo.com and the yoga studio app for great at-home options)

  • Calm your mind with meditation

  • Sip on dandelion root tea to cleanse the liver

  • Amp up your steamed greens and vegetables

  • Drink lots of water throughout the day

  • Uproot old thoughts and belief patterns that are no longer serving you

And of course, enjoy the seasonal pleasures with gratitude, joy, and mindfulness while honoring your body with simple gestures of care and kindness.

Clear the Clutter and Excess in your surroundings

Look around – it’s likely that your external environment reflects the interior workings of your mind.  Is your home filled with clutter while you are internally struggling with information-overwhelm?  Are you holding onto books, clothing, or items that no longer resonate or fit you in the present moment while hanging on to outdated beliefs, unhealthy relationships, and behavioral patterns that no longer serve you emotionally?  Have you avoided buying material possessions that allow you to feel as though you are planted and rooted in your current location while also struggling with a lack of embodiment, rootedness, and centered strength in your internal world?  Do you have drawers, closets, or rooms that block the free flow of energy throughout your home while also experiencing patterns of stuck and stagnant energy in your physical body and emotional space like constipation, depression, or muscular tension?

It’s time to get your life force flowing!   When energy is stagnant in our lives, clutter begins to accumulate and vice versa.  When clutter begins to accumulate, our energy stagnates.  So it is of utmost importance to address the physical stagnation, clutter, and excess in our environment.  Our lives are anchored in our living spaces.  The deeply impact the level of efficacy, joy, and flow that we experience on a day-to-day basis.  When we remove the physical obstacles and clutter in our homes, we create the space to invite new opportunities and blessings into our lives.

There are five types of clutter:

1) Things you do not use or love – we only want things in our environment that uplift our vibration and increase the feeling of love.  If you don’t love it, it’s just pulling your energy down.

2) Things that are untidy or disorganized

3) Accumulated dirt and grime – Just think of the feeling between a home that you just tidied up after a busy day and that of a home that was just deep cleaned. Getting rid of the dirt and grime makes a huge difference.  Make sure the counters are washed and the sink is clear before going to bed and you’ll wake with more energy.

4)   Anything that has been left unfinished – these things are a constant drain on our energy.  Multiple unfinished projects pull our energy in different directions leading to distracted and unfocused work.  We’ll address these in just a little bit.

5)   Too many things in too small of a space – When we have too much stuff, the energy doesn’t flow.  We feel stifled and contracted and our breathing becomes shallow.  Here in the West, we are part of a collective that values excess and overconsumption.  If our homes and lives are a reflection of this societal value, we may find ourselves overeating and unable to lose stubborn weight.  We need to take a stand that more is not always better.

Clutter has the same toxic effect that excess sugar, poor quality fats, and refined carbohydrates have in our diets.  It makes us feel tired, unfocused, cloudy, and lethargic.

Open up your journal and walk around your home.  Jot down areas that need some work where energy feels stagnant.  Don’t forget electronic clutter (my achilles heel!), your car, and the places in your home that you don’t immediately see like your attic, garage, shed, and basement.  Rank the areas according to which clearing would have the most impact.  Start there.

Ask yourself these three questions:

1) Do I love it?

2) Is it useful?

3) Does it uplift or inspire me?

Eliminate things that you haven’t used in the past two years, things that don’t fit, food and items that are expired, broken, or missing parts.  Also donate or toss things that are associated with unhappy thoughts/ memories.  Place artwork that no longer lights you up on Ebay or craigslist.  Sort through computer files, backing up important documents and discarding ones you no longer need.  Be honest with yourself!  It might feel a little scary to get rid of things at first but I promise it will feel so much better after you are done!  Also, if money is a concern, then it is really important to note that clearing the clutter from our homes is a fantastic way to get excessive spending and compulsive shopping under control.  We become much more scrupulous about what we bring into the home when it feels like a sanctuary.

When your energy is strong and your thoughts are clear like after yoga, time in nature, or meditation perform an energy cleansing ritual.  You can buy a sage bundle to burn or burn copal.  Say a blessing for your home and for all who live in it.  Lastly, make small changes to your home décor in order to up-level the amount of beauty that you experience in your life.  Buy fresh flowers and bring in more house plants.  House plants are natural detoxifiers as well.  Create a space that feels nourishing, clean, and filled with love and light.

Material possessions are just a form of energy.  When we release excess and clutter, we have the opportunity to free up that energy for something else in our lives.