Is over-planning killing the creativity in your business? And 6 Practices to Rekindle the Purpose and Passion in Your Work

As a young girl, I was untamed, wild and free. Growing up in Alaska, I was always more comfortable and at home in the woods and mountains than I was in the city. You simply couldn’t take the wild woman out of me. I’d lift my dress up, squat, and pee on the trees in malls, I’d strip off my clothes and roll happily in the rain water that had collected in the ditch, I’d swing from trees, howl at the top of my lungs, and make potions in the woods from mud, mushed berries, twigs, and pine needles. And I was endlessly creative, always writing poetry, sketching, and escaping to imaginary worlds I had dreamed up in my mind.

When I started my business I could feel this unbridled creativity, unquenchable passion, and a deep desire to express my truth without reservation. And Life responded with a steady flow of clients, opportunities for connection and collaboration, and an inner sense of freedom and fulfillment that I’d never experienced before.

But somewhere along the way, I lost myself in all of the complex business strategies, the overwhelming lists of to-do’s and the incessant shoulding, striving, pushing and forcing my way to success. The more I tried to figure it all out from my head, the more I tried to strategize my way to success, the more I tried to get it all right and do it all the way I thought I “should” be doing it, the more the creative aliveness, unbridled joy, and passion that started it all dried up in my business.

Soon the clients stopped flowing and creating became a chore. I lost touch with the lifeblood of my business - my purpose, my passion and that deep calling to serve and stand for something so much bigger than myself.

What I realized was that, as women healing, spiritual and transformational coaches and practitioners, we need an approach to business that honors our feminine wisdom and strengths so you can stay in your sweet spot as you build a sustainable and fulfilling business.

So if you are feeling like you’ve lost touch with your deeper why, if you feel disconnected with the purpose and passion at the heart of it all, and if you feel like you can’t find your way in the overwhelm, the confusion and the chaos, then I’m here to tell you there’s a better way.

Here’s six simple practices to rediscover the freedom, creative aliveness, and unbridled joy in your WORK again:

  1. Where are you squashing and blocking your aliveness, passion, and creativity with shoulds, strategies, boxes, and outdated conditioning. Start getting real and raw with yourself. Question if what you’ve been told you “should” be doing is actually working for you. And start shedding the imaginary rules, expectations, boxes, lines, plans and strategies.

  2. Stoke the flames of your wild aliveness. Make time to be in the woods, the rivers, the mountains, rivers and ocean without an agenda. Take off the headphones, turn off the digital devices and let yourself re-attune to your essential primal nature in the silence and sanctuary of the natural world.

  3. Find out what freedom feels like for you. Journal, explore, and feel into it. Where can you liberate yourself from artificial confines and cages of your own making in order to really feel free, unleashed, and authentically self expressed?

  4. Dance + move your body in any way that feels good. Release blockages, stagnation and the constriction that binds you.

  5. Get curious. Where are you holding yourself back + blocking yourself from full self expression because of judgment, shame or fear around being too much, too big, too proud, too sexy, too confident, too woo woo, too spiritual, too out there, too crazy, too WHATEVER. Can you move into the edges of safety and comfort in a gentle but courageous way?

  6. Let your body wisdom guide the way: Start trusting the way your body leads you, her rhythms, her appetites, her desires, her undulations, her sensations. Drop out of the head and start listening to the deep inner knowing that comes from within during times of silence and receptivity.