Is your attempt to recover from fatigue just driving you further into burnout?

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Have you ever wondered why your attempts to heal your burnout or create more energy and inner balance are not working? You’re not alone. Many ambitious, purpose-driven women have a deep desire to serve and be on-purpose in their life but they’re postponing their dreams because of burn out, depletion, and fatigue.

Many clients come to me in this very predicament. They’ve put their lives on hold and have taken to their cozy beds with epic Netflix binges and social media scrolling to pass the time. Only problem is … they’re creating the wrong medicine and in the process, they’re driving themselves deeper into burnout with mental and electronic stimulation.

Because, let’s be honest, in this day in age we’re not burning ourselves out with too much physical exertion. More often than not, we’re  depleted because of mental exhaustion - overworking + overdoing, information inundation, ungrounded multitasking, and electronic stimulation.  And physical exercise is actually therapeutic in these situations as it provides an outlet for mental overexertion. 

We need to create the right medicine to replenish, unwind, and revitalize our life force energy.

There are essentially, four separate but related sources of energy as defined in one of my FAVORITE books, the Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

And in each area, we need to find that sweet spot of engagement between inactivity / under-stimulation (depression) AND overwhelm / over-stimulation (exhaustion). This is where our life force is optimized.  Energy and stress studies confirm this - too little stress or pressure leaves us feeling depressed and apathetic while too much pressure leaves us feeling burnt out, overwhelmed and utterly depleted.

If we don’t have enough stimulation than we experience depression and apathy, but if we have too much than we go into burnout and overwhelm.

We can look at our exercise as an example of this. If we are always doing a restorative yoga practice but never pushing ourselves to our edge with something like high intensity interval training than we begin to atrophy physically.  And if we do nothing but intense exercise, day in and day out, we may begin to experience the symptoms of overexertion and excess physical stress.

We so often hear that we need to relax, relax, relax if we feel low in energy. But we need to make sure that we are relaxing in the areas in which we are overstimulated and increasing our edge in areas where we are under-stimulated.

Where can you go from here?

Assess your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy. Are you stimulated enough or are you overstimulated? How can you create more balance in each area and find that sweet spot of engagement?

Are you stimulated in your work, relationships, spirituality, and physicality enough to feel alive, but not so much that you’re pushing yourself into exhaustion? Can you push yourself more to an edge and explore that growth area? Or do you need to back off a little and come back into rest and repose.