An Exploration of Ikigai: Uncover Your Calling And Find The Thing That Gives Your Life Meaning + Joy

Uncover Your Calling

What is your reason for being?

Ikigai (生き甲斐,) is a Japanese term for "a reason for being." Ikigai is your calling, it’s the source of your value, the thing you live for, and the reason you get up in the morning. It’s a deeper pull towards a way of being and serving that is fully aligned with your beliefs and values and reflective of your soul.

When you find yourself in a state of ease, flow, and grace - you are feeling ikigai.

And when you are fully rooted in, devoted to, and in service of this deeper calling, you tap into a deep sense of fulfillment and meaning.

You come alive.

Why then, do so many feel so confused about their deeper calling?

Instead of asking, “how can I serve the needs of the world?” we ask, “how can I turn my passions into something that makes me money?” Focus on what the world needs and how you can serve these needs with your talents, gifts, and skills. Rather than looking inside for your deeper purpose, look to the needs of the world around you. Ask, “How can I be of service here?”. This isn’t about checking off the boxes of what we should do and be. It’s not about looking outside of yourself for validation, or deriving your worth from how much money you make, how much you achieve, or how “successful” you can be.

It’s about providing value for others in a way that is aligned with your deeper desires, passion and calling.

When we let money, social media likes, external validation and approval guide our actions, we lose our center. We lose the ease. We lose the joy. Let your heart’s desires and calling to be of service guide the way. As you create more value in the world for others, you receive more compensation in return. Stay anchored in your heart, your values, your desires, your calling - and you will create the conditions for deep meaning, joy, and as you live your purpose. In doing so you create the conditions for deep joy, meaning and aliveness.


How can we get clear on our calling and find our Ikigai?

  1. What cause do you believe in? What breaks your heart? What change would you most love to create in the world? What does the world need more than anything right now?

  2. What do you love? What makes you come alive?

  3. What are you great at? What talents have you cultivated? What unique skills do you excel at without effort?

  4. What do people value and pay you for? What service, value or offering do you bring or could you bring that creates real value for others? What do others need and would be happy to pay for?

Jessie Kuehn